List all different Projects in each city with status (sold out, On sale, coming soon) and the details of the project. The project pages with a filter by status will list the projects in a list page with a main photo of the project and summary. When clicked on the project it takes to a detailed page which displays the picture of the project and the detailed description. In addition on this page there will options/menu view the following?

  1. Site plan – Site plans in PDF or png/jpg format can be uploaded from the CMS and app user can view it.

  2. Floor plans – Floor plans for each floor can be uploaded from the CMS and app user can view it.

  3. Unit plan – Unit plan for each type of unit can be uploaded and app user can view it.

  4. Common facilities and Amenities – Picture and summary of each additional facility like indoor courts, swimming pool etc. can be uploaded from the CMS.

  5. Specifications – Details of specification can be uploaded and managed from the CMS back end.

  6. Photos – Project specific photos can be uploaded and managed from the CMS

  7. Video tour – video files related to the projects can be uploaded and managed from CMS

  8. Construction status - Periodic date specific pictures of the construction site can be uploaded and managed from the CMS

  9. Documents – Any relevant documents that needs to be shared can be uploaded from the CMS

  10. Location – Location of the project site is plotted on Google maps and displayed to the app user. This is also managed from the CMS

  11. Availability – The availability of the each unit in the project is managed from the backend CMS and the same is listed with details in the app.

  12. Send enquiry – app user can send project inquires to CMS managed email id

  13. Share – app user can share the project details to his social media sites


Details of various services provide by the developer like home care services and after sale support. Basically this will HTML content managed from the backend CMS

Push notifications/Alerts

CMS admin can send push notifications on special offers, News and events and these will be listed in alerts section.



News items are update from the CMS by the admin and the same is updated on the app.


Contact/Find us

Plot the location of developers different addresses on the google map and when clicked on the pin the address and contact details to be displayed down with an option to navigate.

Call Me

App user can enter and submit his telephone no. to contact back.

Call Me


An inquiry form with Name, mobile no. as mandatory fields and optional fields email and inquiry text. In addition there should be an option list of current project with status not sold out.

Awards and Certifications

Lists awards and certification on list a page and when clicked on the list item a detailed page with a picture and text will be displayed.


About us

Mobatia is an internationally recognized IT service provider specializing in delivering custom mobile application delivery services that encompass the best of today’s software development environments such as cloud based app development. Our core areas of expertise include Mobile Application Development, Mobility Integration, Enterprise Solutions, Advanced Web Integration and Application Development, Digital Interaction and Experiences to name a few. Founded in 2010 and located in Technopark Trivandrum, Kerala, one of the world’s most prestigious IT Parks, Mobatia caters to a global client base spanning different industry verticals.